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Welcome Partners!

We are glad to have these two lovely collboration partners to join Silver Owls Production during this pandemic COVID-19 period in year 2020.Let's welcome TEAM 152 to join us along to provide their professional service in movie scorings, background music and song composing to all our potential clients!

Check out their channel for more contents and details to know where these youngsters are kicking the industry well and right with great music sense and skills all the way from Korea and Malaysia.

Hence,is you are an artiste who are looking for high quality music production to assist for your new EP album? We and TEAM 152 will take you all the way beyond limits to create and produce with great quality of music and music videos!With the sharp sense and taste of music composing will definitely brings out the character and uniqueness of your products and service through the magical of music through TEAM 152.


Youtube Link:


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