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Need a hand on Marketing Contents?

We would like to announce our new collaboration partners to join Silver Owls Production Sdn.Bhd during this year ! We know the struggling of all the SMEs and business in Malaysia.And it's a great opportunities to know more through the founder of HEIGHTEN MARKETING -Paige.

There's a real and tough decision made by her while she lost her job during this pandemic COVID-19,and getting her hands wet on kickstarting her pathway as an entrepreneur.Which will be something that Silver Owls Production are impressed with-THE PASSION in her heart!Paige is very professional in providing content writeups,marketing champaigns,and etc to attract outstanding outcomes while she deal with clients when it comes to marketing plans.

What does Heighten do?

Heighten Sales & Marketing was formed with the vision of helping small businesses owners to elevate the overall business performance from the business development, branding and advertising perspectives. With diversified experience, Heighten aims to increase your return of investments and achieve desired goals.

Success story goes: start with setting up a sales funnel, improving sales results and end with owning a bigger slice of the pie.


Paige's Portfolio:

Paige's Portfolio - S&M
Download DOCX • 29.26MB

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